Solar Investment Opportunities

The WSC's Solar Investment Opportunity Program (SIO) offers a way for WSC members to invest in renewable energy projects that reduce carbon emissions and earn dividends.

For as little as $1,000, WSC members can purchase shares in SIO projects the co-op initiates with companies or organizations that own buildings or property and are looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint.

Working with the WSC allows these companies to be environmentally responsible without investing valuable company capital.

In 2019, WSC launched our first SIO project selling "Class B" preferred shares. This raised enough funds to install 115 solar panels on the Conexus Credit Union's North Albert Branch. This was the largest solar installation in the city of Regina at the time of its construction. In 2023, this installation generated 41.13 MWh of clean energy.

Our share offering has since evolved to "Class C" preferred shares which pool funds together to build several solar installations under one offering. This means owners of a "Class C" preferred share will receive dividends for all projects funded by "Class C" share sales.

It is the intention of the WSC to raise enough capital through this share offering to build several solar installations in the Regina area. We estimate the total capital required for these projects to be $500,000. The current offering of Class C purchases can only be purchased until May 31, 2024.

How It Works

The WSC signs long term agreements with building owners to install solar panels on their roofs or property.  The capital required for the solar installations is raised though preferred share sales to WSC members (Click Here to become a member). The WSC then earns revenue from the solar installations by collecting a fee from the owners roughly based on the power the installations produce. Agreements with partners are set so as power rates increase, the co-op fee also increases. 

The annual revenue generated is used by the WSC to cover the costs of maintenance for the project and generate a dividend for shareholders. Over the term of the project, the shares pay out dividends.  If requested, RRSP and TFSA tax benefits can be applied for when purchasing three or more shares.

Because the WSC generally builds larger projects (over 100 panels) the co-op is able to secure better pricing for its projects.  Projects only proceed once they are fully funded so there are no associated borrowing costs.

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