Hosting a Project with Wascana Solar Co-op

Saskatchewan companies and organizations looking to reduce their carbon footprint without spending large amounts of capital can partner with WSC by offering roof or property space for solar installations.

Working through the WSC’s Solar Investment Opportunity Program, our co-op raises financing for solar installations through share offerings to our members. Our partners provide a space for the solar installations and gain valuable community standing for lowering their carbon emissions while actually spending little in capital investment. 

It is integral to our operating mandate we work with partners in the community who have an awareness of the issue of climate change and are willing to act in the interests of environmental sustainability.

How it Works

The way the program works is WSC would pay for the capital costs of the solar installation and our partner would agree to pay us a management fee roughly based on the power produced by the solar panels. Basically, our partner lends us the use of their roof or property and we bill them the amount the solar panels would save them on their SaskPower bill.  This arrangement must be approved under SaskPower’s Net Metering Program.

To ensure this arrangement operates effectively (if we are using a roof) there are a few requirements needed to see if the building is "Solar Ready". First, we need an engineer’s report confirming that the weight of the system and wind load and uplift are compatible with the structural integrity of the building. This assessment is done prior to any signed agreement as without a proper structure the project can't go ahead. This engineering report can be performed by any P.Eng with suitable qualifications either hired from an outside engineering firm or if the partner organization has in house engineering expertise that is willing to review and sign off on the project that is also acceptable. 

Secondly we like to see a condition assessment of the roof. As our solar systems are designed to last 25+ years we want to ensure the roof it is sitting on will have a similar remaining life span. As an example if the roof is 20 years old and has deteriorated then in 5 - 10 years our system would have to be removed so that the roof can be replaced. There is added cost to your roof system replacement because all the panels and equipment would have to first be taken down and then replaced again after the roof work is completed. 

If the roof has been recently replaced then this is the best case scenario as the design life of the newer roof will align with that of the new solar system. 

In some cases where the roof system is still in good shape but is in the middle of its life span we can established an agreement that the extra cost to remove and replace the solar system will be born by the building owner. 

Lastly a quick review of the electrical system is done to ensure there are no large additional upgrades required in order to integrate the solar system. The electrical work to connect the solar system to the building is covered under by our project. 

Benefits of partnering with WSC and having an SIO project installed on your building or property include the ability to have a solar system installed at no capital cost, as WSC members pay for the solar system through a share offering. There is no increase in power costs to your company or organization to go green. You pay the approximate net total for your power bill you would have without the system installed. The only change is that the credited amount of power produced by the system through the SaskPower Net Metering Program is paid to WSC.

Your company can also gain community recognition for doing something to improve the climate.  Your organization and your clients will be able to see in real time how much green energy you are producing and how much you are reducing carbon emissions.  Your marketing efforts can take advantage of your green initiative.  

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